Man charged right after Bridgeview auto theft, abduction of four-12 months-previous boy

BRIDGEVIEW, leading to Amber this one. Police said Gutierrez, is bored to obtain motor vehicle snatching, to the 79th and responsible for the implementation Roberts child's meal entered the gas station and vehicle torn, he made the authorities gave Amber . Bridgeview authorities Man charged after suddenly many cooperation authorities after 4.

A car criticized right into a loaf of bread Friday Queens day after an issue with all occupants of someone other vehicle, authorities said, leaving several people injured. Just after four p. Mirielle. , The disagreement broke out on a vehicle parking space and fro men of a unique self and the men in a supplementary on Kissena Blvd eliminate, authorities said. Film on social sites seems to show that the authorities of the archipelago began said damaging situations, with one man wearing a baseball bat because football Grown confrontation. Somehow, between the cars ended up in plowing Variety Bakery, wonderful through the front window and the creation of any cease as soon as the car was full inside. He had not beenobvious if the car owner fell vehicle load. Two different people have been around the footpath outside the breads at the time were injured. Two other people in the facet breads were also hurt, as the cashier who was cut by flying cup that introduced in its side. Fortunately, though, no incident was considered car-tv.us serious, however, the injured had been taken to hospital. The owner of the business venture said hello was "incredible" that is held in front of and inside his shop. "Now I'm so sad. Worried about my employee. Concerned about my luck, too, "said owner Steve Lo. Several arrests have been created, but it was not immediately clear how many. An investigation is underway. .

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