Linxup Broadcasts Components-Free of charge GPS Following on Ford Vehicles

Options industrial Dearborn today Telematics, industrial fleets using options detailed in providing them connected vehicle telematic information, limited time to live vehicle alerts, assess the conduct, may nevertheless have when files to the Director of industrial options. "Ford Telematics simply defines important information in them are Play App Shop Yahoo.

, number one brand of GPS verification of medium to small measured aid societies and states that it is certified, including Ford vehicles files in his computer Linxup Announces Hardware-Free software telematics winner deserves. The mixture allows fleets operating with the Ford Motor collaboration to reach a gain on the simple technique to use for Linxup ,, and. Using Ford vehicle computer created eliminates the need to install more "cable" or OBD components to gain access GPS files. "We are delighted broadcast Linxup be an authorized Ford Information Services tm company. We believe that customers should really be effective replacement for the rank of company cars files along with their harvest, "said Ms. Sensual, director, Ford industrial Options. "Working with Linxup supplies fleets with Ford cars connected a replacement for a gain access to their vehicle files from the computer Built Ford to meet their fleets. " With more than 43,000 customers check above 184,000 cars and pieces of equipment, efficiency Linxup fuels and efficiency for businesses marine-centered in over 40 industries. During last year Linxup customers have drawn some 6 million kilometers of travel, developed 564 thousand alerts for running, severe stop, and geofenced places and Linxup tracking device discovered Dollar131 thousand in wasted gasoline slow motion. These programs support the clients website Linxup, security and compliance boost, to prevent theft and effectiveness of the increase. "We are constantly looking for approaches to developing software solutions easier," said Naeem Bari, company president and president of Linxup.

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